Supervisor and Competent Person Training

This OSHA certified Supervisor & Competent Person Training program is aimed at providing knowledge to qualified personnel about identifying and recognizing different hazards on work sites. This allows them to have the authority to take the necessary measures needed to avoid or mitigate any incident in the workplace. The personnel that are recommended to take this course are supervisors, foremen, site managers, or other workers who must be well-equipped with the knowledge needed to identify and recognize potential threats in the workplace.

Name Short Description Course Delivery
RMOL 5903 – Electrical Standards This course aims at providing a basic overview of theory and application of different equations related to electricity, including Power equation and Ohm's Law. It also includes basics of electricity including a discussion on current, voltage, and resistance. Enroll Now!
Fall Arrest Systems- RMOL 0113 This course is mainly designed for administrators working in construction industries including superintendents, foremen, safety coordinators and directors. It covers criteria and requirements against fall protection that are covered under 29 CFR part 1926. Enroll Now!