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The OSHA 24 hour HAZWOPER training is designed for workers who visit the Uncontrolled Hazardous Waste Operation sites on a non-frequent basis. The course is a compulsory part of the Government’s requirement for implementing safe work conditions on hazardous sites.

The requirements are divided into subdivisions- HAZWOPER 24 hours of initial training and one day of supervised field experience. This OSHA HAZWOPER 24 hour training course covers the first sub-division. To receive training for the second stage, participants must consult their employers or supervisors.

With the web-based classroom presented by Career Training Experts, the search for ‘24-hour HAZWOPER classroom training near me’ is nothing but a waste of time. Our OSHA HAZWOPER 24-hour online training covers each aspect with complete attention to detail while empowering students to learn at their own pace.

24-hour HAZWOPER Training| Course Objectives

The objective of the OSHA 24 hour HAZWOPER training is to provide a thorough safety instruction training to workers visiting danger-inducing sites. The 24-hr HAZWOPER program extensively covers all the measures; the workers must take to certify prevention from all probable accidents.

The OSHA 24-hour course additionally educates the workers regarding the identification, recognition and solution to the frequently occurring hazardous issues at the work sites.

24-hour HAZWOPER certification endorses the safety, as well as the health of the workers. Our 24-hour HAZWOPER training includes extensive instructions on ensuring healthy work conditions for the employees at hazardous sites.

After the completion of the OSHA 24 hour training program, participants will be able to:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the OSHA regulations, as well as their purpose.
  • Utilize their knowledge on Site characterization to identify the distinct issues faced at such work sites. With OSHA 24 certification, workers will be able to take measures to prevent and eliminate hazards.
  • Recognize the existence of hazardous materials in the workplace. The 24-hour HAZWOPER training further educates the participants regarding the possible methods, symptoms and preventative measures to be taken to avoid exposure.
  • Effectively use the Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS) to ascertain and proficiently handle hazardous materials.
  • Gather an understanding of the materials, compounds, and mixtures that may present flammable, explosive, chemical or radiological hazards. After course completion, students will be able to distinguish between such elements.
  • Formulate an understanding of using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to bound hazardous contact.
  • Comprehend the methods of the Site Control Program. With the HAZWOPER 24 hour course, workers will be able to confine the risk of exposure to only the site of operations.
  • Have an understanding of the Medical Surveillance Program, as well as its purpose for being part of the 24-hour HAZWOPER training program.

24 Hour HAZWOPER Certification | 24-hour HAZWOPER Training Requirements

Credit hours

The credit hours for the HAZWOPER 24 certification is 24 hours.

Quizzes and Assessments

To complete OSHA 24-hr HAZWOPER training, students must attain the passing grade of more than 70 percent in all quizzes, as well as the final exam.


The certification for the course can be printed out after its completion.

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