Frequently Asked Questions?

Enrollment Concerns

The process of registration is simple. You can enroll in any course by visiting When you register for a course, you will be required to create an account with a user name and password. Your e-mail address will be considered as the username.

Once the registration process is completed, an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address, comprising detailed instructions regarding the operation of your account.

As a requirement of the course, the registration must be made in the name of the individuals participating in the course. If you wish to register for an individual or a group of employee, you can contact this number 866 786 2830.

To register a group of people, you can communicate with our Sales representatives at 866 786 2830.

To set up a corporate account, collaborate with our enrollment specialists by calling this number 866 786 2830.

You can pay for the courses through a cheque or credit card. For corporate clients enrolling multiple students, a corporate billing account can be set up. Invoices can be sent at the end of each month.

No financial aid is present for the courses.

The company offers bulk discounts. To learn more about this feature, contact the enrollment specialist at this number 866 786 2830.

There are discounts available for everyone who is willing to enroll more than one student/learner, for details, call 866 786 2830 or fill contact form.

Cancellation policy:

Students wishing to cancel their registration are required to make a cancellation request within three days of the purchase. The request must be made before midnight of the third day. The cancellation appeal can be made by contacting the company through phone or e-mail.

Refunds will not be applicable if the certificate has been issued, credits have been reported, and the course has been completed.

The candidates requiring a refund on a correspondence package will be refunded if the request is made within three days upon receipt of the package.

In case the course(s) comprise of physical material, the student has the option to either keep the material or return them to the school at the student’s expense. If the individual decides to keep the material, they will be charged for the material, and a non-refundable fee of $ __ will be deducted.

Students returning the instruments will be charged a $_ non-refundable fee after the materials have been received. The cost of shipping will be non-refundable. All physical materials must be returned in brand new condition; otherwise, the refund will not be processed.

Note:Please attach a note with the instruments to contact Career Training Experts to process the refund.

Transferring from Online or Correspondence to Home Study/Classroom or Requesting Refunds on E-books:

In case the institution offers both online, and correspondence/home study/classroom course(s), a fee of $__ will be deducted for changing the method of delivery, or for receiving a refund on an e-book.

All courses are available for up to a year, depending on the industry. Refund requests or re-entry into the course will not be accepted due to the failure to complete the course within the prescribed time limit.

Course-Related Queries

Yes, we offer OSHA authorized outreach courses. As an OSHA-certified training provider, we return the candidates with a United States Department of Labor (DOL) official wallet cards.

Yes. Our 10 and 30 hour General and Construction Outreach Training Industry courses are OSHA-authorized. The completion of these courses issues a DOL card to all qualified candidates.

Our training is offered to all states. However, as the OSHA-requirements vary in certain states, we ensure that the appropriate OSHA-authorized training is applied to individuals in those states.

Yes, a provisional certificate will be provided after the course has been completed.

The DOL cards are granted after the completion of OSHA Outreach 10 and 30-hour courses. The official document (DOL wallet card) will be received within two weeks of course completion.

Online courses that we offer on CTE are approved by DOL (Department of Labour), hence they are equal to classroom training. However, if your employer requires you to handle a hazardous material on-site, then you will be required to take a training in classroom setting, only as a precaution.

The term OSHA-approved indicates that the offered courses have been assessed to meet the official standards of the United States Department of Labor (DOL). This certifies that the programs cover all the OSHA rules and regulations thoroughly and accurately.

OSHA-approved courses guarantee acceptance in all states in the U.S.
The course prices can determine the authenticity of the OSHA-standards. Extremely low priced courses indicate a non-OSHA approval.

As our service is OSHA-approved, the authenticity of the training program is reflected in our rates.
Training providers with reduced prices may not be approved by the OSHA authority.

Online training is more convenient for individuals with busy schedules. The online courses allow the candidates to move forward at their own pace. In contrast to a typical classroom environment, online programs consider individual differences and empower students to learn at their own pace.

No. You can complete your training in accordance with your schedule. You can log in and out of your account. All your progress and other information will be saved.

There is no time limit on any course besides the OSHA 10 Hour and 30 Hour OSHA Outreach Training Courses. These programs must be completed in a 6 month time frame, from the date you start.

Additionally, a survey, which is a mandatory part of the course, must be filled out (within three months after the completion) to receive the card. The link to the survey is located in your end of course instructions; please complete promptly so we can process your card within the 6-8 weekday timeframe

The requirements of the OSHA’s Outreach Training Program makes it mandatory for students to complete all their credit hours (either 10 or 30). Individuals who have spent less time in the course can return to review the content as it is imperative for course completion. Candidates may also visit other available course modules to meet OSHA’s timing requirement.

To reprint the provisional certificate, you can go to the Student Login page and log in using your credentials. Next, you can click on the certificate icon next to the course title you would like to reprint.

After the completion of the course, you will receive a provisional certificate of completion from the website. In approximately two weeks, your DOL Course Completion Wallet Card will arrive in the mail.

For OSHA Outreach 10 and 30-hour training courses, the end of the course completion survey must be submitted within the three months of course completion. The card will not be received if the survey is not filled out within this duration.

Please allow sufficient time for your card to reach you through the mail.

To re-apply, you can contact our customer care at this number 877.881.2235

Candidates partaking in the HAZWOPER course (s) will be returned with a printable certificate upon successful course completion.

To track your progress, you can click the “My training” button. By clicking on the “outline” tab, you can see the stage you are at in the course.

Technical Questions

If you have forgotten your user name or password, you can click the ‘forget password’ button on the student login page. Next, you can type in your e-mail address. You will then receive an e-mail stating your password. You can also contact 866 786 2830 for customer support.

The following programs are recommended to certify an efficient learning experience:

  • IBM PC Compatible Computer (at least 1 GB RAM, and a processor equivalent to, or newer than, an Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz processor is recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, Windows 10 operating system
  • Internet connection (we recommend any broadband connection)
  • Sound Card with speakers or headphones
  • Monitor connected to a video card with driver equivalent to, or newer than, SVGA (1024×768)
  • Google chrome or any other browser.
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player / VLC media player.
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player

The issues with logging in and out are frequently caused by the computer system in use. Cleaning the ‘cookies’ can help you log in. You can take the following initiatives:

  • If you are using Google Chrome, go to the menu present on the right corner of the browser.
  • On the drop-down menu, click ‘more tools.’
  • In the popped up menu, click “clear data.”
  • Another window will open in the browser. When this happens, select the option to delete cookies.
  • If this method doesn’t work, you can contact the customer care agents at this number 877.881.2235

To assist you with this issue, our customer care agents are available at this number 866 786 2830

The website is unable to increase the speed of your internet. To fix the issue, you can contact your internet provider, or upgrade your current internet system to higher speed service.

To download and print your certificate, you must install Adobe Reader. Once this program is downloaded, you can open and print your certificates.